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Our X-Ray Imaging and Wireless Diode Laser Products

Air2Zed Express Starter System

Supports one sensor and up to two workstations
-One transmitter
-Two receivers
-Charger and accessories -(Mounting Cradle included).

Rextar X Portable Handheld X-Ray Generator

The Rextar X-Ray Generator is designed for high performance. It boasts a lightweight build, features a digital color screen, and provides easy operation with four programmable buttons.

K2 Mobile Wireless 6w, Autoclavable Diode Laser

The K2 Mobile is a wireless diode laser used in dentistry for soft tissue procedures, providing convenience and precision.

ErgoRay X-Ray Sensor

A Top Quality & Design X-Ray Sensor is a high-grade imaging device used in medicine, particularly in radiology and dentistry, known for its excellence in both technical performance and user-friendly design.

DDS Pro X-Ray Imaging suites

It offers complete flexibility and the freedom to utilize any hardware, enabling you to operate multiple dental offices seamlessly through a single imaging platform.

X4 Handheld X-Ray

The X4 is a portable handheld X-ray device for on-the-go diagnostics. It provides high-resolution images, is easy to operate, and ensures safety. This advancement in medical imaging improves accessibility to X-ray services in various settings.

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