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X-Ray Imaging Suites 

Works with most digital dental hardware

Total flexibility and freedom to use any hardware or operate multiple dental offices with a single imaging platform.


DDS Imaging Software

You only need one software! Its open architecture design seamlessly integrates with a wide range of intraoral cameras, x-ray sensors, phosphor plate scanners, panoramic x-rays, digital cameras, and more!

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Extraordinary X-ray Image Quality

DDS harnesses potent tools commonly found in medical imaging to yield top-notch results with a variety of digital equipment. It retains the raw data from the x-ray sensor and employs a robust 16-bit viewer. Its unique Windowing tool allows users to interpret different grayscale representations, known as "Windows," from the data, eliminating unnecessary image elements. This enables DDS to consistently provide excellent image quality with diverse sensor and phosphor plate systems, regardless of the brand.

One Solution

Open architecture is compatible with most 2D imaging devices.

One Software

One Place

To learn and use no matter what brand devices you have.

Manage all your images in one place, no matter what the brand.

Mid America Dental Product

X-rays - Recare, Emergency new patients, Endo, etc.

With a direct sensor system, x-ray acquisitions are quick and precise. DDS automatically arranges and orients the x-rays during acquisition. For phosphor plate systems, DDS organizes images by tooth number and orientation.


Regardless of your system, DDS features powerful automated filters for optimal image quality. It makes it easy to view complete x-ray exams, tooth history, and display multiple x-rays alongside other image types.

Report Writer

Send professional looking referral reports and insurance submissions.

Case Presentation

Easy to create and present professional looking case treatment plans.

Patient Education

Easy to use patient education module. Create your own, or import pre-made professional content.

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