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Handheld X-Ray Generator

FDA Registered #K132041

The Rextar X-Ray Generator excels in performance. It's lightweight, features a digital color screen, and offers four user-friendly programmable buttons.


Rextar X-Ray Generator

Designed with safety as a top priority, the Rextar X-Ray Generator features double shield protection to safeguard the operator's body, hands, and nearby areas from radiation exposure.

Mid America Dental Product

Smart Buttons

Four customizable buttons allow you to easily save your preferences. You can assign exposure values to each button, making it convenient for typical patient types, such as Adults/Children, and specific teeth categories like upper/lower, Canine or Molar, and more.

Compact & Light

At just over 5lbs (including battery and scatter shield). Less fatiguing than Gun Style units.

Portable Handheld

Highest Level of Safety

Fast and easy to move from room to room. Great for elderly, or physically challenged patients as well as Mobile dentistry, Community outreach, or Mission trips.

Designed with yours and the patients safety in mind. Safety is ensured by internal double shielding, ensuring operators safety from the leakage radiation.

Mid America Denta Product Result

Clinical Excellence, Built-in Safety

We obtain clear X-ray images while significantly reducing radiation exposure. Our unit operates at nearly half the exposure levels of comparable devices. Witness the evidence yourself by requesting a free copy of our published X-ray absorption White Paper.

Quality and Design

Our unit offers clearer X-ray images with nearly half the radiation exposure. Request our free X-ray absorption White Paper for proof.

Safety First

Double lead shielding and a lead-infused scatter shield ensure operator safety with minimal absorbed radiation

Innovative Features

"Smart Buttons," large screen, safety lock, and self-diagnostics streamline operation.

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