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K2 Mobile – Wireless 6W,
Autoclavable Diode Laser

Powerful 3.5W Continuous Wave & 6W Pulse Emissions

The HULASER K2 Mobile, designed with a focus on user convenience and cost-effectiveness, comes equipped with an autoclavable aluminum head, customized optic fibers, and a soft silicone front cover.

K2 Mobile device for dental product



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Autoclavable & Bendable Fiber Head

The K2 boasts a patented front aluminum cap, complete with a flexible tip that enables precise positioning of the proprietary optic fiber for comfortable use during procedures. The tip can be flexed to almost a 90-degree angle. After use, it's easy to remove the aluminum cap, optic fiber, and silicone sleeve, and place them in the autoclave for disinfection, eliminating the need for expensive disposable tips.

Max Power Output

3.5W of continuous wave emmision

Peak Power Output

Up to 6W of pulse emission 10Hz / 100Hz
A 980nm diode laser reduces thermal damage to the target area compared to lower wavelengths.

Faster Patient Recovery

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AFL Patented Extendable Tip

The K2 Mobile introduces the world's first Adjustable Fiber Length (AFL) System in a diode laser. This patented technology offers the longest optic fiber available, and when coupled with the flexibility of the bendable tip, it enables access to every area for procedures. The tip can be easily extended or retracted as needed during the procedure, providing unmatched versatility.

Reduce Costs

Minimal Spending on Supplies and Consumables.

Maximized Battery Life

Idle Mode

Lasts 1-2 weeks with regular laser use, 4-battery charger.
If laser is not in use for over 10 minutes, sleep mode is activated saving your battery.
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