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We believe that a perfect smile can change your life. That is why we offer innovative dental equipment and emphasize customer support and quality products to doctors all across the country. 

Experience the Quality, Speed, and Support of MADS

Mid America Dental Sales is a premier master distributor in the dental industry. Bridging manufacturers with dental professionals, we ensure the delivery of top-tier products efficiently. 


Dental Tools for Dental Product sales

Mid America Dental Sales is dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of services tailored to the dental industry. From our Best-in-class products, fast order fulfillment, product consultation, and expert after-sales support, MADS has you covered. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.


Mid America Dental Sales is a leading name in bulk product distribution for dental professionals, renowned for our unwavering commitment to quality and service. We prioritize understanding the distinct needs of each client, ensuring every dental practitioner receives their supplies promptly and in perfect condition. Our efficient process and specialized packaging underscore our dedication to excellence. Choose Mid America Dental Sales, where every delivery reflects our commitment to your practice's triumph.


Best-in-class Products 

Mid America Dental Sales understands that doctors need their products fast! That is why we offer same day order fulfillment and shipping on all products.  


Fast Order fulfillment 

Mid America Dental Sales offers expert product consultation, guiding dental professionals in selecting the best-fit products for their practice. Our knowledgeable team stays updated with the latest industry innovations, ensuring our clients make informed decisions for optimal ease of use, production, value, and patient care. 


Product Consultation

At Mid America Dental Sales, our commitment doesn't end at the point of sale. Our after-sales support ensures that clients have a seamless experience with their purchased products. With a dedicated customer service team ready to address queries and provide solutions, we prioritize your satisfaction and the longevity of your investments


After-Sales Support

X-Ray Imaging and Wireless Diode Laser

Supports one sensor and up to two workstations
-One transmitter
-Two receivers
-Charger and accessories -(Mounting Cradle included).

Air2Zed Express Starter System

Air2Zed Express Starter System

The Rextar X-Ray Generator is designed for high performance. It boasts a lightweight build, features a digital color screen, and provides easy operation with four programmable buttons.

Rextar X Portable Handheld X-Ray Generator

Rextar X Portable Handheld X-Ray Generator

It offers complete flexibility and the freedom to utilize any hardware, enabling you to operate multiple dental offices seamlessly through a single imaging platform.

DDS Pro X-Ray Imaging suites

DDS Pro X-Ray Imaging suites

A Top Quality & Design X-Ray Sensor is a high-grade imaging device used in medicine, particularly in radiology and dentistry, known for its excellence in both technical performance and user-friendly design.

ErgoRay X-Ray Sensor

ErgoRay X-Ray Sensor

The X4 is a portable handheld X-ray device for on-the-go diagnostics. It provides high-resolution images, is easy to operate, and ensures safety. This advancement in medical imaging improves accessibility to X-ray services in various settings.

X4 Handheld X-Ray

X4                               Handheld X-Ray

The K2 Mobile is a wireless diode laser used in dentistry for soft tissue procedures, providing convenience and precision.

K2 Mobile Wireless 6w, Autoclavable Diode Laser

K2 Mobile Wireless 6w, Autoclavable Diode Laser

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