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Intraoral Cameras and More

Neo Apex Locator

The Neo APEX locator is the smallest apex locator on the market and has also been tested at over 97.5% accuracy!


DrsCam Air- Wireless Intraoral Camera

The DrsCam Air is a New, High-Speed Wireless technology with an infinite number of secure channels


P720 Ez Shot Intraoral Camera

The P720 EZ shot cam is an essential dental tool. This device is utilized by dental professionals to capture highly detailed images of a patient's teeth and oral structures.


Air2Zed Branded Sensor Holder

The Air2Zed Branded Sensor Holder is a durable accessory for precise dental imaging. Designed for optimal compatibility with Air2Zed sensors, it ensures accuracy and ease of use


Air2Zed Transmitter Mounting Cradle

The Air2Zed Transmitter Mounting Cradle is a sturdy and ergonomic holder designed for secure placement and easy access to the transmitter, ensuring optimal signal transmission.


Receiver (Zed)

The Receiver (Zed) is a high-precision device for reliable data transmission and reception, optimized for various applications.


Air2Zed Express Transmitter

Make an additional sensor wireless by adding a Transmitter to your existing Air2Zed system.
Includes 1 transmitter with charger and accessories (Mounting Cradle)


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